Bench Boss Episode 1: Dabcocks


For our first instalment of the Bench Boss series, we touched base with the coach of a 1st year team in the Aberdeen Division - The Dabcock's. These boy's might be new to the league but they've quickly made a statement as a team to look out for. With a 4-2-0-1 record, the Dabs are off to a great start and look poised to make a run at the WAG this March. 

We spoke to Oliver Burke to find out his secrets for motivating the boys and to see which of his team mates needs the most 'constructive criticism'. Check out the interview below. 

Coach: Oliver Burke

Instagram: burkey____

Team: Dabcock's

Favourite Coach: Mike Babcock (obviously)

Game Day Apparel: Casual 

Favourite Coaching Quote: "Hockey is a man's game. The team with the most real men wins.” Brian Burke

[LH] - What motivates you to motivate the boys? 

[Coach Burke] - Watching how all of the boys find success coming from such diverse backgrounds playing for the Dabcocks really motivates me to coach. Austin Gerhart (Gersy) is a vet from the O that has been a role model on the ice and essential to the progress of the Dabcocks. Harris Wilson (Wilso) a toss up player from Europe has earned a scouting report from Krissy Lynn. Things like that are inspiring to watch as a coach. 

[LH] - Which player on your team requires the most coaching? Why? 

[Coach Burke] - Justin McIntosh has played his whole life with high expectations for himself. He often brags about his huge potential as a peewee Marlies prospect making it difficult for me as coach to keep his head in the game. Connor Macauley can also be a distraction to the team as he never understands the plays I draw and is only ever interested in talking to birds. Although difficult both are effective point getters for the Dabcocks. 

[LH] - Describe your coaching style in three words.

[Coach Burke] - Just, John Tortorella 

[LH] - How do you light a fire under your team? 

[Coach Burke] - If the team needs to be fired up, let John (The Alphabet) Athanasopoulos speak. Our captain can deliver a fire up speech at any time and brings the most intensity to the Dabcocks. It is also critical to use the timeout as a chance to get Taylor Durrand (Durrando) off of the ice and put out Spencer Adamson (Spence) as he is always reliable for a clutch point. 

[LH] - What are the odds of the Dabcock's making it to the WAG Cup?

[Coach Burke] - Obviously it is our goal to make it to the WAG cup but we aren't always thinking that far ahead. Every week is about making sure that everybody is passing. We had to prove ourselves early with a tough schedule even playing the defending champs in our team's first game and have still managed a good record but every game is about making sure everybody is able to show up and play their best.

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