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  • League: LUG Hockey - Winter
  • Season: 2023-24 Winter
  • Opens: September 20, 2023 at 5:30pm EDT


Team spots are extremely limited and are available on a first come, first serve basis. 


  • SEASONOctober to March
  • GAMES: At least 13 guaranteed (12 regular season + 1 to 4 playoff games). Teams who win in the playoffs move on and play more games.
  • ARENA: Cambrian Arena, McClelland Arena, Gerry McCrory Countryside Sports Complex, Garson Arena
  • GAME DAYS: LUG typically plays Sun-Wed nights. Game times may vary week to week. Every effort will be made to create consistency week to week and to publish schedules far in advance to provide players and teams with visibility on all schedules. Additional days or times may be used based on arena availability.


  • SKILLElite | A | B | C | D & Women's Divisions - We recommend that at least 60% of your team fall into the same skill level in order to maintain the competitiveness of each division. Not all cities will house all of these skill divisions and in some cases, divisions will be bulked together for smaller leagues. We do our best however if not enough teams register in each division to make appropriate skill level match-ups.
  • 15 players per team (14F/D + 1G). LUG provides 15 jerseys per team standard. Teams can have more than 15 players., all players are required to register & LUG will get you a jersey or equivalent.
  • Must be 17+. LUG Leagues are open to ALL gender identities. Women can play in any division.


  • ELITE DIVISION: NCAA | U Sports | Club | Semi-Pro | Jr. (A/B/C) 
  • A DIVISION: Jr (A/B/C) | AAA
  • C DIVISION: Select | House League | Pond Hockey Legends
  • D DIVISION: Beginners | New to Hockey
  • W1 DIVISION: Women only. Competitive
  • W2 DIVISION: Women only. Recreational 


  • JERSEYS: Authentic LUG "NHL Style" replica jerseys & (NEW) matching socks
  • TEAM KIT: SPEEDSHADES (or other Shades), Player of the game chain, & LUG Hats
  • WINTER MERCH PACK: The Sleep Over Sweater 100% heavy cotton (4 colors, zip and/or unzip)
  • PERKS: Player profiles, career statistics, media days, $20 Gift Card to LUG Tuck Shop
  • CHAMPIONSChampionship hats, trophies, and an invite to the WAG Cup Finals 
  • WAG CUP REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: Winners go on to play other regional champions to compete for Diamond* Championship Rings. Winning teams are invited to compete in THE WAG CUP CHAMPIONSHIP ...a Memorial Cup style tournament against their regional rivals to crown the overall LUG Champion. Teams from the USA and Canada may need to travel for this event, including going over the border, across state, provincial, and/or national lines. *Diamond authenticity cannot be verified.
  • ALL STAR GAME & AWARDS BANQUET: League events to bring everyone together


  • 2 x certified officials at each game


  • A complete list of available leagues, game days, and arenas are available on the season details page. Don't see your city listed? Contact Us to let us know and we'll open registration for your city.


  • 12-12-15 run time periods OR 15-15-15 run time periods (depends on city!) Full rules.
  • Last 30 seconds stop time in each period
  • Last 3 mins of 3rd is stop time if separated by 3 goals or less
  • No switching sides in between periods (goalies stay in the same net)
  • 3 player shootout if tied

When don't we play 

  • We play every week that you want to play hockey. That means no games on statutory holidays or dates you wouldn't normally want to play, such as Finals, Reading Weeks, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Super Bowl, St. Pats, Spring Break, etc. See complete list. We play when YOU want to play.


  • Premium LUG Authentic Jersey's included
  • NEW! Matching socks included for all jersey sets
  • Draft Order: Jersey selections are given to teams in the order the team is registered. Jerseys are selected at the LIVE Jersey Draft. 
  • Limited quantities of each style


  • Signing up is a commitment. Any team that misses 2 games or more without prior notice and a valid reason may be removed from the league. Please be courteous and inform us of any cancellations at least 24 hours in advance so we can find a replacement team and/or inform staff & refs to not attend those hours. 
  • It is your responsibility to have a goalie at your game. We as LUG will try to help where possible. For more info look here.


  • LUG has a zero tolerance policy for violations of our code of conduct. Players and/or teams may be removed from the league for actions detrimental to the league including abusive or racism language, damaging the facility, theft, alcohol or drugs, among others. 
  • By registering this team or playing in this league, you agree that you and your players will not use any words, actions that would be seen or interpreted as racist, anti-semitic or hateful towards anyone of a minority, LQBTQ2+, BIPOC or Indigenous communities.


  • All captains receive a Thank You Gift from LUG including items like a Keep the Dream Alive Flag OR LUG 30 FOOT SPEED String Flags



  • This is your personal registration fee. Each team is responsible for a minimum of 15 player fees. Teams with less than 15 will owe a balance equal to the amount of registered players below 15 x the individual player fee.


  • Please consider writing respectful and non vulgar team names. This is something that is public and your personal name is directly connected to your team name. Any future employer, school or anyone else can find this team just by Googling your name. Think about it.


  • LUG has partnered with Pink Whitney & Spittin’ Chiclets to bring exclusive merch and experiences to PLUGS! Purchase a Chiclets/PW item during registration checkout and you'll automatically be entered to win a BONUS prize pack & VIP meet & greet WITH the Chiclets Crew at Toronto ASG 2024 in February.
  • This is a HUGE opportunity to meet some of the biggest names in the sport and share a few cold Pink Whitneys.


    $427.00 CAD due at registration