Wrapping up Movember 2020

2020 is definitely a year we'll never forget. 

We've all been through a lot this year. This Movember has been just as important as ever to bring to light the important conversations that need to be had surrounding everyone's physical and mental health. We are so proud of our LUG Community, where together we were able to not only raise awareness for men's health, but also raise a whopping $3,600 for the Movember foundation. 

We believe that sports and community go hand-in-hand. Making sure that we could safely operate our sports leagues so that our players have a space to compete was a main priority for us this year. The physical and mental wellbeing of our community is of upmost importance to LUG, and we are so happy that we could partner with the Movember foundation this year to further solidify these values. 

MO TEAM LUG showed up this Movember.

$3,600 raised

206 km moved

48,848 content interactions

We are happy to announce our winners for the LUG x Movember challenges!

Movember Fundraising MVP

Avery Sherwood

Avery was able to raise $785 to contribute towards MO TEAM LUG's money raised. Her efforts and her motivation led her to win this year's Movember Fundraising MVP Award. But it doesn't stop there...

Most Moved for Movember

Avery Sherwood

Alongside raising the most for the Movember foundation through MO TEAM LUG, Avery ran 167km throughout the month of November as a challenge for herself which led her to win the Most Moved for Movember Award. Take notes fellas, that's 81% of all the km's ran by MO TEAM LUG. She inspired many people by absolutely crushing it on the track. Avery is obviously a top-tier athlete. 

"Running this much in a month was hard. Talking about men's mental health shouldn't be." - Avery Sherwood

Somebody put that on a t-shirt. 

Most Grizzled Mo Award

Spencer Robertson

Spenny is a LUG old boy. An alumnus who makes us proud to call a PLUG. Spencer accumulated 72 votes for the people's choice of the dirtiest stache in MO TEAM LUG, winning him the title of this year's Most Grizzled Mo Award. We can only speculate that Spencer's large TikTok following pushed him to win this greasy competition. 

Honorary Mentions

Rob MacLean

A close second, Rob accumulated 47 votes for the Most Grizzled Mo Award. Wearing 3 different sets of LUG merch alongside a badass demeanor and a stache to make any biker gang proud, Rob certainly deserves an honorary mention. 

Luca Romano

His hat says it all. An absolute beauty and a prospect for LUG's Next Top Model, Luca has earned his honorary mention for his performance in MO TEAM LUG. 

Jon-Andre Don Paul

Jon-Andre presented us with a lip-rug unseen by any of the other participants. This thing HANGS. His genetic ability to grow such a mean-looking handlebar has earned him his right to get an honorary mention for MO TEAM LUG. 

The Movember Foundation

Despite everything going on this year, the Movember Foundation was able to raise over $95M globally for men's health. WTF. That's a lot of zeros. Every single dollar raised (including the $$ YOU helped us raise) will help Movember reach more men, accelerate research and save more lives. 

Here's what Movember has to say about this year's fundraising and awareness spreading efforts.  

Here are 10 men's health projects that are funded by Movember. 

We encourage you to check out movember.com to learn more about this amazing foundation. 

Again, LUG wants to thank Movember, Sam Wilson, our winners, and everyone who took part in our Movember efforts this year. 

We can't wait to do this again next year!