Win Free St. Louis Wings Every Summer 16 Game!

Exclusive for the summer session, LUG Hockey has partnered with St. Louis Bar & Grill as our official House for Hockey! Located a short 5 minute drive from UCC arena, St. Louis is the perfect place to convene before and after games for a pint and pound of wings.

Each week, 3 PLUGs will be selected as Player of the Game and receive a FREE pound of St. Louis Wings (to the 2050 Yonge St location).

In addition, players can also take advantage of 10% off at St. Louis from May-August 28th, 2016 with their new PLUG Cards (given out in Week 2).

St. Louis will be hosting an End of Season Banquet on August 28th for the entire league. The championship team will also get LUG sponsored tab at the bar for food and drink at the banquet.

Friends, family, and WAG’s are welcome to join as a percentage of all money spent will be donated to charity! If any PLUG has a charity they think would be a good fit for this cause, email us your suggestions to

St Louis Bar & Grill – 2040 Yonge Street, Suite 200B –