Read to find out what the best bars are to go to in the Waterloo region written by the Laurier and Waterloo students who go to them.


Price: $

Pros: Cheap Drinks, Easy to get a drink, Good music, an excuse to wear country attire, mostly students, Bobby O'Briens (another bar on our list) is down the street, more spacious than other bars.

Cons: Long lines, its an $10-15 Uber ride as it is in Kitchener.

Even if you are not a fan of country music Dallas is the place to be on any Friday night for most Laurier and U Waterloo students. The music ranges between some old school Shania Twain hits to party classics like Mr. Brightside, but even if that is not your style the cheap drinks will make sure you'll be on the dance floor all night long. So dust off that dollar store cowboy hat and your dad's old cowboy boots and head down to this iconic Friday night spot.

Pro Tip from a Student: Don't be afraid to start late. Sometimes going at 11:00/11:30 is worth the risk as there usually isn't a long line and can get in easily and quickly unlike some other bars.

Price$ (cash only bar)
Specials$3 Jack Daniels before Midnight on Saturdays, Check their socials for rotating drink specials and line skip deals
Why Students Go ThereIts a Friday Night staple and everyone is there, music is more easy to dance to and they always play classics that remind everyone of summer all year round


Price: $

Pros: Super cheap drinks, has food, has a lot of seating, great atmosphere, will take card if you are seated.

Cons: After 9pm the line is long, table service can be slow, small dance floor. 

Pub King is always a safe bet when going out, you will always have a good time. If you want a more chill night the plentiful seating and $7 food menu will make sure of it. If you're feeling more rowdy, the dance floor and $2.50 pub bombs will guarantee that. Overall, a great place to go any night and works with even the cheapest of student budgets.

Student Pro Tip: Go for there for dinner around 6pm on Tuesdays, Fridays, or Saturdays (the busiest nights) in order to avoid the line and have food in your stomach for the many pub bombs you will be having. 

Price$ (cash bar, card payment available with table service)
Specials$2.50 pub bombs, $2 tacos on Tuesdays, daily specials posted to their IG story
Why Students Go ThereIt's a safe option and Waterloo institution, its good for every occasion whether it's a Tuesday night after class celebration or Saturday afternoon patio hopping.


Price: $/$$

Pros: Daily specials are some of the cheapest around, massive patio with a giant projector screen, lots of seating, wins best food on this list.

Cons: Far into Kitchener, cocktails are more expensive than most places, no dance floor.

Bobby O'Brien is the hidden gem in this list as they have great cocktails and some really great food for an even better price, but with their location not being in walking distance like the other bars many don't know about it. It's the best place to catch any sports game and a bite to eat whether it's inside or on the multiple patios. In our opinion, its the most underrated bar on our list, but the missing dance floor means the place is typically populated with upper year students and locals. 

Student Pro Tip: On Thursday the special is 49 cent wings after 7pm, this is the cheapest you can get wings in Waterloo and they're some of the best and cheapest wings you'll ever have, our favourite flavours are the Forty Creek BBQ and Thai Sweet Chile. 

Price$/$$ (card and cash payment available)
Specials1/2 wings everyday between 2-5pm, 1/2 apps after 9pm, daily specials can be found on their website
Why Students Go ThereFood is much better that you would expect for the price and the massive patios are the best spot for catching the playoffs


Price: $$-$$$

Pros: Most Toronto-like nightclub in Waterloo, lots of promoters to connect with and get line by-pass, decent dance floor, quick bartenders.

Cons: Always busy, long lines after 10pm, has an odd lay-out which makes getting around difficult.

The Drink is at the heart between all the Waterloo bars, it is a typical nightclub with bar service and booths, so it is great for celebrating birthdays or the end of midterms. The music is a blend between top 40s, popular rap, and some pop classics, which is great for dancing. The bar is also unique with having the DJ booth in the middle surrounded by dance floor and booths, and the bars being against the wall. Overall, a great place to be if you're hitting the bars to dance and are apart of the lower years.

Student Pro Tip: Promoters will guarantee your entrance with no cover in the bar until 10pm, look at the Instagram stories they repost and you'll easily find a promoter to connect with.

Price$$-$$$ (cash bar)
SpecialsCheck social media, but rarely have them
Why Students Go There

The music is good and if you're connected with a promoter (there's many) you do not have to wait in lines, getting drinks is always fast, and is the only actual dance nightclub comparable to Toronto but is safer and bouncers are really nice


Price: $$

Pros: Good Food, rarely a line, great patio in the summer, Tuesday night drink specials

Cons: Food can be expensive if you do not know what to order, Dance floor is only on Tuesdays, but not every Tuesday, a little cramped when busy

If you are looking for a very chill bar just to grab a few drinks with friends at night, then Kentucky is the place. They have a bigger patio than most places and usually don't have a line or long wait, the food is also great we recommend the $6 smash burger for something good and budget friendly! The music isn't overwhelmingly loud like some other places so you can sit and talk, and the deals on Tuesdays make it ideal for week night out.

Student Pro Tip: Besides Tuesdays, when getting sangria or margarita always get the pitcher and split it with another person, the pitcher has about 6 drinks total, but when split only costs $10 each (which is the same as one glass) so each drink ends up being around $3.

Price$$ (card and cash payment available)
SpecialsOn Tuesdays its $1/oz wine, $3 sangria, and $3 Jager shots after 9pm
Why Students Go ThereIt's a much more chill vibe than most places so majority of the people there are upper years. The drinks are really good and the patio is a must while patio hopping in Summerloo.