The LUG x Pride Tape Friendship


At LUG, we believe that sports are amongst the best things in the world. The love for the game spans across the globe, and nobody should feel that they don’t belong. It’s time we do our part by contributing to making the sport, at all levels, a more welcoming and inclusive environment for our players & individuals in our communities of varying races, ages, abilities, religions, national origin, gender, gender identity, gender expressions, sexual orientations, and socio-economic status.

LUG will be an ally to the LGBTQ2+ community, as well as a friend to those who identify within the realms of all marginalized communities. To support, we’ve called up our friends at Pride Tape - the tape created to promote diversity, equality and inclusion through sport. 


1. Challenge the Use of Homo/Bi/Transphobia 

2. Examine LUG’s Policies

3. Practice Inclusivity. 

Our leagues and events are open to everyone, regardless of race, age, ability, religion, national origin, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. 

4. Connect With the Community

LUG is launching a new Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) committee. The objectives of the EDI committee are as follows:

  • Help frame and establish EDI goals for LUG to work towards as our 'North Star'.

  • Develop an action plan for LUG to take to reach our EDI goals.

  • Identify opportunities across campuses to improve access to sport.

5. Move Beyond Symbols Into Action

Taping your stick with Pride Tape is one important way to signal your support. Meaningful and long-lasting change requires commitment, education and leadership. We will continue to encourage our members and keep ourselves accountable for long-term commitment to the movement. 

6. Celebrate, Have Fun and Be Creative

We pride ourselves on the fact that LUG is a place where our members and fans can have fun and amazing, memorable experiences. We will create an environment where EVERYONE can be involved in the opportunities to celebrate diversity.

The Pride x LUG All-Star Game

To kick things off, we're working alongside Pride Tape to host the LUG Hockey 2022 All-Star Games across Canada and the USA. While these events will showcase the top players in each division across the LUG network, it will also be an opportunity for all our PLUGs to be a champion for change.

All-Star Week Details

  • Pride Tape will be made available for players to use during the game. We encourage players to use the tape for the ASG and any other time you want

  • We encourage players to make a post on their social media featuring the Pride Tape

  • We encourage players to tell a personal story regarding inclusivity in sport 

  • When sharing on social media, feel free to use #LOVEISLUG

Although LUG All-Star Week spans only a portion of the season, we want everyone to know that this initiative for change reaches to the point where we don’t need to advocate for inclusivity anymore - however long it takes. We will continue to encourage players to show their support throughout this season, and the next, and the next…

So PLUGs, let's get ready for an awesome Pride x LUG All Star Week!

More information on the Pride x LUG All-Star Games will be released shortly!


As we make our effort to further the conversation regarding inclusivity in sport, we want to take this opportunity to hear your own personal stories and experiences. 

The goal of these stories is to showcase what the current or pervious states of inclusive sporting environments is or has been, and what can be done as we move forward to make sports a more inclusive space for individuals all over the world. 


Whether you would like to have your story shared online for people to read, or if you just want to tell someone about your experiences, we encourage you to be open and submit your story. 

These stories remain completely anonymous unless otherwise indicated. LUG will not pose your story online unless otherwise indicated.


Pride Tape began in 2016, as a grassroots collective of individuals, academics, and community members who saw a need to help make sport more inclusive for LGBTQ2+ youth, athletes, coaches and fans. 

Pride Tape is proud to have been the pioneering tape supporting our LGBTQ+ communities and is frequently used as a symbol of inclusion at all levels of sport. 

Today, Pride Tape continues to grow and can now be found in 31+ countries. 

6 Colours and 6 Powerful Words 

Pride. Resilience. Courage. Leadership. Change. You. 


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