The LUG x Drunk Elephant Women in LUG Celebration!


We want to celebrate the women in LUG who make our league great. Since the introduction of our women's leagues and the increase in women's participation in the LUG community, we have been so incredibly happy to bring the LUG experience to everyone. 

We want to celebrate the women in the LUG community, so we've partnered up with Drunk Elephant to give away some awesome products to the awesome lady-PLUGs! 

Updated: Contest CLOSED as of February 12th, 2021! 

Thank you for all the wonderful nominations! 

How does it work?

To enter our Drunk Elephant Giveaway, please fill out this nomination form.

Is your nominee: 

  • involved in their community? 
  • a leader in sports? 
  • confident, determined and supportive? 
  • a proud LUG lady?

Nominate your friends or yourself, we want to hear from our community about the awesome women that play in the LUG.

Make sure to get your nominations in before February 12 at 5PM EST! We can't wait to hear your inspiring stories about the strong women in the LUG community!

Congratulations to our LUG x Drunk Elephant Women in the LUG Celebration Winners!

Today is International Women's Day, and we feel there's no better time to share our winners for the LUG x Drunk Elephant Women in the LUG Celebration! 

We will be showcasing the amazing ladies who were nominated by their peers to win this contest. Each of these special individuals have showed us and their community what it means to be a strong, involved, confident and independent woman in sports. Congratulations to you all, as well as everyone that was nominated!

Dallas Dawson


"I am nominating myself because I feel I have been a huge part of brining Women’s LUG to Ottawa! I am a proud LUG lady, supporting LUG social events even before I became a staff member. I absolutely love what LUG is doing for all the ladies who didn’t make it past JR. hockey & I plan on continuing to support LUG for as long as I can. My plan is to make the Women’s league in Ottawa huge!"

"Dal is a PROUD lug lady. She was the first commissioner for the Women’s Byward LUG league in Ottawa! She really cares about all the players and works really hard to make sure everyone is happy and having fun. She is a student-athlete, as well as a strong leader both in sports and in the Ottawa community! Before becoming a member of the LUG team, Dal formaly played for the Carleton Ravens Women’s Hockey Team, making the squad as a walk on! She is passionate about the game, and is always trying her best to promote women’s hockey. She deserves the LUG x Drunk Elephant Women in LUG Celebration!"

"Always good at recruiting other players and bringing team spirit! Super great teammate and leader to have!"

"Because she is the reason lug woman’s hockey in Ottawa keeps on going! She’s at the heart of it and cares so much for the girls involved."

Ana Langford


"my nominee should win the LUG x Drunk Elephant giveaway because this is the PERFECT prize for her for many reasons. #1 she LOVES SKIN CARE. so i couldn’t think of a better prize/gift for her to have. beyond that, she's the most feisty hockey player, she has the most penalty minutes in the women's division probably overall. she is the reason that i am a commissioner, cause she recommended applying for it. she loves hockey more than anyone i know. She's a smart player on the ice and a really great friend. please pick Ana Langford to win, she is super awesome and deserves this more than anyone."

"She is a huge lug supporter and is always encouraging other women to join sports. She is a great leader and team player."

"Ana is very involved in the LUG community at Queens. Not only does she spend her time playing on the rink as a team mate to others, she also gives back to the community by working for LUG. She spends her time helping to make LUG happen."

"Ana is the backbone of every team she is on. She is phenomenal leader who uses her confidence to uplift others. She both works and plays for LUG. Her involvement in the community creates a better environment for all to play sports."

"I have been going to school with Ana for more than 10 years and been on several sports teams with her. She has always been someone who makes anything fun and has the best attitude, and her competitiveness doesn't get in the way of that as she encourages her teammates constantly. She is incredibly supportive of everyone's' accomplishments and very proud of her team no matter the outcome."

"Ana has been passionate about hockey her whole life. Throughout high school I watched her play hockey on our school’s hockey team. When she was on the ice, she always showed enthusiasm, determination, and passion for the sport. Ana should win because she is an amazing athlete, who always steps up to lead the team. She provides support to her teammates, and pushes them to their full potential. When playing a sport with Ana, I feel that I became a better athlete. With her passion for sport, she creates a positive competitive environment, and wants to see everyone succeed."

Kaitlin Cacic


"Kaitlin should win the contest because she is someone who has always been an active participant in sports. In highschool she was her schools athlete of the year and she continues to play sports in university through volleyball intramurals as well as LUG softball. During COVID lockdowns she continues to stay active with spin and yoga classes (when open) as well as getting outside everyday. She also contributes to the community, volunteering as a western university orientation leader and a member of the engineering academic committee to help first year students succeed."

Laine Padovan


"She works hard and is a good representation of the brand. Puts the time in to get the jobs done right. Held a softball tournament for a really good cause. She’s a Beauty."

"Pure LUG spirit and absolute beauty. Laine has done so much for the community including organizing a charity softball tournament just because she thought it'd be fun. She was able to rally tons of people to get involved. Definitely a winner here."