Keeping The Dream night at a time. 

The Toronto summer league is off to a hot start with 14 teams and Ottawa's inaugural summer season at 5 teams...some washed up talent and a few young guns all home for the summer just looking for some puck. In this year's crop, we have handful of 93's, a ton of 98's and handful of millennium babies...yeah born after 2000....

Some Updates:

Jerseys are in (finally), Dad Bod + Hockey Mom Visors...if you haven't got one already or want to grab for a buddy, girlfriend, dad or mom let us know, we have an extra or two. 

Toronto Partnerships


Gracie O'Malleys

  • On regular nights (excluding Signal Hill band playing), all PLUG's will receive LINE BY-PASS + FREE COVER. Simply show the bouncer your PLUG Card
  • Line by-pass will depend on capacity, so they have asked us to remind you to come early.
  • PLUG's will also receive 15% off food from Sunday-Wednesday 

Majer Hockey

  • Free Skate Sharpening + 15% at Majer, just show your PLUG card for validation


  • As always, every single PLUG gets FREE COVER, LINE BY-PASS for you + three friends at Door3 all summer long. Special LUG Night coming up on Friday June 22nd there!

Final Clean-Up


It has been brought to our attention that a few players have been wearing no visor or cage during play. Both the arena and refs have asked us to remind you that you must wear eye protection during games. As signed in your waivers during registration, you must have something covering. Whether you want to rock a fish bowl, bird cage or a simple tinted visor like 2005 Ovi, just make sure you have something or you could be kicked off. 


All players must now be registered and paid for using the website. We know there were some issues last week so we are extending the penalty fee deadline by a week. Anyone not signed up by Sunday will receive a late charge. 

Thats it!

If you have any questions, comments, of suggestions about the summer league, direct them to 

See you on the ice Sunday!