Summer Mid Season Bar Down Awards

A little over halfway through the Summer '16 season and some recognition needs to be given to our Bar Down Top Performers. Congratulations guys! Stop by the Time Keeper on July 10th to claim your Bar Down Apparel.

Bar Down Top Performers

1. Cory Glassman - Most Points (Tied 1st Place)

Cory has been a force on the ice all summer. Leading the league in goals and second only to teammate Shane Ferg in assists; Glassman has the Marleafs off to an undefeated 6-0 record to start the year. With a beauty shootout winner under his belt in game #2 against Team Red, some are comparing Glassman's hands to the enigmatic Thrill Kessel. On non game nights, we hear that Cory actively tans his upper thighs in hopes of becoming truly, 'festival ready'. See you at Boots Cory!  

2. Charlie Benger - Most Points (Tied 1st Place)

When he's not mean mugging on the diamond, Benger is leading the LUG with the most multi-point games including a 2G 2A beauty against the 1st place Marleafs. A self proclaimed ladies man, Charlie can be best summed up as a player who thinks sunflower seeds and dip is a balanced meal and can be overheard quoting Wedding Crasher's on the Grace O'Malley's dance floor every Friday.

3. Zachary Sung - Lowest GAA, Most Wins, Most Shutouts (Tied), Fewest Goals Against

With scores like 11-0, 9-8, and 7-6 in other teams games, LUG Summer '16 has quickly become a scorers league. Despite the rise in goals per game league wide, Sung continues to shut the door with the lowest GAA and provide the steady, calming influence needed to lead the Marleafs to the best overall record. Not much else is known about Zach, who maintains closed social media profiles, a closer circle, and is known to get ready for each game listening to Drakes 'No New Friends' on repeat.

Honorable Mentions: Shane Ferg, Quinn Syrydiuk