Sneaky Weasel is now the Official Beer of LUG

The Official Beer of LUG just Snuck into Town...

What's up PLUGs. We have a really exciting announcement for all of you. 

For the 2021-2022 year, LUG is partnering with Sneaky Weasel to bring the Weasels out to all the PLUGs. Sneaky Weasel will be the official beer of LUG, and we can't wait to get a lil' sneaky this year. 

Together, we will be bringing the good times along with the cold brews to our Canadian LUG Divisions and events. All legal drinking-aged participants of the LUG season will have plenty of opportunities to sample Sneaky Weasel product, and all PLUGs will be able to access Sneaky Weasel sponsored events, giveaways, swag and much, much more.

Here's a word from Sneaky Weasel themselves!

"We're very excited to announce our partnership with the lads and ladettes at LUG and become the Official Beer of LUG. Our beer is brewed for the hard-working, hard-sending people like you PLUGs and is the perfect addition to a good time with your friends and family. We can't wait to reach all you LUG players across Canada and have some sneaky sends! Keep an eye out for contests and giveaways in the next little bit as we setup the whole team with some silky suds ."

More details of the partnership will be released throughout the season, so buckle up! There are going to be many awesome events, opportunities and good times coming this year.


To kick things off, we’re banding together with Sneaky Weasel to do the only giveaway you’ll need to gear up for the upcoming school year! ONE lucky winner will receive The LUG x Sneaky Weasel Summer Send Starter Kit! 

Summer Send Starter Kit includes: 

1 x LUG/Sneaky Weasel Beer Pong Table

2 x 24 of Sneaky Weasel


1 x LUG Keep the Dream Alive Flag

2 x LUG Cappy

Enter the contest at our Instagram account @lugsports

About Sneaky Weasel

"At Sneaky Weasel we make great craft beer, at a great price – pure and simple, we are 100% locally owned and brewed. We don't take ourselves too seriously and are more about having fun than we are about hop bombs & crazy add ins... Our mission is to brew great beer for hard-working people like you to enjoy with family and friends.

Sneaky Weasel is a hopped craft lager, delivers a bold 5.6% alc/vol, but goes down crisp and clean. Pairs well with game day celebrations, fun in the sun and good times with friends.Sneaky Weasel is available at your Local Beerstore! $37.90 for 24, $19.95 for 12, and $9.95 for 6. Please drink responsibly."


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