Play LUG Abroad This Summer!

LUG Sports, the leading provider in “Keeping the Dream Alive” for college and university students across North America, and the Israel Elite Hockey League (IEHL) today announced a partnership that will give hockey players the opportunity to travel to Israel and play in a competitive/semi-pro level league for their summer season.

The partnership between LUG and the IEHL will provide LUG hockey players with an incredible opportunity to experience the sport at a high level while also exploring the rich culture and history of the country. The month-long season will include 3-4 games a week, 10 games regular season in IEHL and 4 tours around Israel with interesting excursions and experiences.

"We are very excited to welcome these talented young players from LUG Sports to Israel and the IEHL," said Tal Avery & Marc Brunengraber, Commissioner of the Israel Elite Hockey League. "This partnership is a great opportunity to expand the IEHL network amongst college aged hockey players in North America. Each season, the league gets even stronger and that’s due in large part to the diverse backgrounds and origins of our players."

The Israel Elite Hockey League is the premier hockey league in Israel and is home to many top tier players, looking for a competitive league to stay in shape during the offseason. This partnership with LUG Sports will give young hockey players the chance to play alongside these elite players and receive a unique hockey related experience.

"We are thrilled to partner with the Israel Elite Hockey League to offer LUG hockey players this unique opportunity," said Ray Abramson and Ethan Wright, Presidents of LUG Sports. "Our goal is to provide a platform for these talented athletes to develop their skills and experience a new culture, while also creating a lifelong bond with the sport and other players from around the world."

For more information on the LUG Sports and IEHL partnership and how to participate,fill out this form. Don't miss this chance to have a summer experience unlike any other and take your hockey skills to the next level! If you are planning on going on a trip like Birthright or anything else in Israel, let us know and we can talk about how to get you in the league.