Pizza Pizza Night at the LUG (St. George)

Whether it's on the ice or on the menu, there's no such thing as too many wheels.

We've partnered with our friends at Pizza Pizza to bring some Hot & Fresh wheels right into the dressing room for the entire St. George Division. Teams will receive Pizza, garlic dippies, and coupons for FREE pizza on their next visit to any Pizza Pizza location.

Update - Full album of photo's has been posted to Facebook and our new section, "The Boy's"

LUG Commissioners will be posted up at 11:20 pm and 12:20 am in the dressing room hallway with each team order. Team captains can swing by after their game to pick up some Za for their team. Any team still on the ice will have an order left in their dressing room.

The Liquor Falcon's third line centre, Cory Glassman once told another PLUG, "Like this guy needs another pizza". Well Cory, we heard you can have one too.


A reminder that LUG and Pizza Pizza have a partnership to offer players 20% off orders for the Superbowl. To organize a Pizza Pizza delivery for your Superbowl party, send an email to to request an order form. Orders must be placed 3 days in advance to qualify for this offer.

- LUG Management