Chainsaw & Pizza Nova Join the LUG Team in the Loo

Free burgers, cover, and guaranteed good times


Frosh week is over, classes have started, and the LUG season is just around the corner! Gone are the days of sitting on the lawn and taking a sip every time a car drives by, it’s time to get serious… and by serious we mean picking your establishment of choice for the year. LUG is here to help you make that choice, proudly announcing our newest partner, CHAINSAW in Waterloo!

For those of you reading this from other divisions, no, we are not giving away free power tools (one day, hopefully). Chainsaw is a local favourite for King Division players and Laurier students alike. We are proud to announce that Chainsaw is our newest bar sponsor and has officially made THURSDAY NIGHTS, Jersey Nights. Every Thursday this year, show up at chainsaw wearing a piece of LUG apparel and get FREE COVER before 10pm. If that isn’t enough for you, show up before 9pm with your PLUG Card and you’ll receive a FREE: Dirty Burger or Hotdog. 

We also know that there are some big bodies in the league and a hotdog might not be enough for you all night. Well we’ve got you covered there as well.  All PLUGS in the King Division will receive 15% off all items from PIZZA NOVA this year. So whether you’re coming home from jersey night, or staying in with the wife, call the Pizza Nova on University Ave and receive 15% off.