If you hang around the game long enough, you'll inevitably come across some pretty epic novelty jerseys. From the Ugly Christmas Sweater to Don Cherry to Beach Day, Army Joe, or even Odey and Garfield; the novelty jersey is a staple of pro, semi-pro, and collegiate level hockey across North America. 

Now, it's about to become a staple of LUG Hockey. 

LUG has partnered with Athletic Knit, North America's leading jersey manufacturer to get novelty jerseys into the hands of PLUGs. Finally, you'll be able to stand out on the ice, in the bar, and all over Instagram on St. Patty's Day like no other. 

We'll be giving away AK novelty jerseys throughout the second half of the season to Player of the Month's, Instagram Contest winners, and to our very own WAG MVP. Check out the picture for examples of what you can win!

Also, stay tuned for an announcement on how you can get jerseys like these made for your intramural and summer teams through AK dealers directly.