LUG's Hockey is for Everyone Initiative

Across the hockey world, February has been designated the Hockey is for Everyone month. The goal of the iniatitive is to spread awareness and create a more inclusive game in all communities, everywhere. This program supports any player, spectator, or fan who can share in the love of hockey regardless of their Race, Colour, Religion, National Origin, Gender, Disability, Sexual Orientation and Socio-Economic Status. 

Washington Capital Tendy, Braden Holtby recently said, "Sports is the area that we can do the most good with as hockey players... We want to be inclusive. We want to have people judged on their talent and their morals, how they treat people, instead of the color of their skin or where they were raised or anything like that. It's something we take pride in in our sport and try to instill in everyone that watches."

LUG has decided to do our part and so we've launched a special limited edition Hockey is for Everyone T-Shirt with 100% of proceeds going directly to the You Can Play Project charity. Each T-Shirt is priced at $20 and can be ordered by sending an email to with your size.

Because Hockey is for Everyone.