LUG's Goalie Guide

LUG'S Goalie Guide

It's no secret that goalies are the backbone of any hockey team. Whether you love them or hate them, you can't play without them. We know that finding a goalie whether for the whole season or just for a game can be tricky. Because of this, we've created a guide to finding a goalie for your teams or, if you're a goalie, finding a team. 

If your team is looking for a goalie to join your team FOR THE SEASON

1. Ask your friends and teammates. 

While this one seems almost *too* easy, this is the first way to find out what goalies are in your midst. You'd be surprised about the amount of people you know that might know a guy. Ask around, post on your IG or TikTok, and "advertise" your team needs a tendy and you'd be surprised who you may come across. 

2. Join the LUG Community Facebook Group. 

Yes, on Facebook...seriously. We have thousands of players on our LUG Community Facebook Group and it is a great resource for finding players and goalies alike. Whether you need just 1 game covered or are looking for a goalie for a season, posting in this group offers you access to all of our LUG community. When posting, throw in your city, skill level, if you can provide rides, and see who hits you up. 


1. Use STEPS 1 & 2 above. 

The first two steps will help in all situations. To find a goalie for 1 game, use the steps above and remember to SAVE their contact info for the future. 

2. Ask in your captain's chat.

When in a pinch, other team's and their goalie's may be able to help. Sending a message in the captain's chat is a great way to see if any of the goalies would be willing to step in for a game. Post in your captains chat with your game date, location, time, pad, and whether you're able to drive the goalie and if you're willing to pay. 

3. Visit the Roster Page of teams in your LUG Division and DM their goalies. 

The roster of all teams can be viewed by clicking on a team in the standings. If you click on a goalie's name, most goalies (and players) will have their Instagram or TikTok information listed. Use this information to message them about if they would be interested in stepping in! Check the teams that are playing before and after your game and message the goalies on IG or TikTok to see if they can play the game. Most are likely willing to do this you just need to ask! It never hurts to offer to drive them home or pay them as well...

4. Borrow the equipment of your goalie. 

When in a pinch, suiting up a teammate in goalie gear can go a long way. There's always at least one defensemen that has thinks they'd be a brick wall. Use this guy to step in when your goalie can't!

5. Ask the teams playing before and after you. 

It's no secret: goalies love their ice time. Sometimes a simple solution is asking the goalies that are in net prior to your game and following your game if they would step in for you. Use the captains chat and DMs to reach out to goalies on other teams.

6. Pay a rent a goalie

Almost every city has a rent a goalie service that you can use to pay a goalie to play your game. The cost is low, it's reliable and we would strongly recommend using this in a pinch. You can also post on Facebook Groups (yes...Facebook, seriously), because there are a ton of Millennials who use it religiously to play hockey and by searching up goalie groups in your area, you'd be surprised who you'd find. 

6. Submit a form to request a goalie

We have launched a request a goalie form to help find a replacement goalie. This form requires a minimum of 24-hour notice and does not guarantee we will find you a replacement. We can't reiterate this enough, we are not responsible for finding you goalies but we will try. Do not rely on us to solve the problem, your team is still responsible for finding a replacement.

If you're goalie looking for a team FOR THE SEASON

1. Sign up as a Free Agent Goalie

If you don't have a team and are looking to be placed on a team, REGISTER for the season as a Free Agent Goalie. We assign goalies to teams on a first-come, first-serve basis to teams who need goalies. Get your name into queue by signing up as soon as possible for the season. If we're unable to place a free agent goalie onto a team, you'll be refunded.

2. Join the LUG Community Facebook Group. 

The LUG Community Facebook Group is not only a great resource for teams, but a great resource for goalies to find games to pick up or teams to join. Teams post often in the group in search of full-season goalies and EBUGs. Join the group and monitor it for teams who are looking for goalies to join their team. The most active part of the year is August to November when registration is about to open unitl the season just started.

3. DM your division's instagram page!

DMing the division you want to play in is a great way to get in touch with commissioners. When commissioners know of goalies that want to play, they will be able to reach out when they know a team is looking!


1. Register for our free ebug goalie list

If you're looking to play games for teams who are in need of a goalie, sign up for our EBUG goalie list and we will reach out to the mailing list when games open up in their city. It will be first come, first serve. We help hundreds of goalies find games all year so this is a really great way to get onto the ice, meet new people, make friends, and find games.