LUG Hockey Mid-Season Update


We're close to half way through the season but not quite half-way through the games. Before we break for the holidays we wanted to get your feedback on your experience in the season so far (link below).

This season has been unlike anything we've ever experienced. Operationally, we won't lie... it's been a challenge. But we know how important sport and community is at a time like this and that's what makes this all worthwhile.

As we head into the back half of the LUG season, we want your input on changes you'd recommend we make and on how to improve the season experience this year. With some leagues having played more games than others and stopped at different points in the season, we know that everyone's experience is going to be a little bit different. That said, we take your feedback really seriously and will implement what we reasonably can do for the remainder of the year to keep things buzzing.

We also needed to say THANK YOU to a lot of people (full list below)...but in particular, 


We wouldn't be here without you so thank you for choosing us and for sticking with us this year.

Please fill out our survey survey and you could WIN one of two (2) x $25 AMAZON GIFT CARDS!

*Filling out survey does not guarantee you a prize. Two (2) winners will be selected on January 3rd, 10 pm and contacted by email. 


Thank you to the following partners and all our participants for helping to keep the LUG wheels in motion throughout 2020:

  • Our Players - We wouldn't be anywhere without you. 
  • Our Commissioners & Managers - For putting in the countless hours to make your divisions hum.
  • Our Refs & Assignors - Who have a thankless job 
  • Our Time Keepers - who keep things running
  • The Rink Staff & Arena Partners - Who make it all actually happen
  • The Photographers - Who capture the best angles of our players' beautiful mugs
  • The Movember Foundation
  • SoCIAL LITE Vodka
  • BET99

Now PLUGs, it's time to rest and relax. Carb load at your holiday meals and whip out that new muscle gun you'll probably get for Christmas so you'll be ready to give it your all on the ice come the rest of the season.