LUG eSports Season I Close

With some upsets, blowouts, saucy chirps and great competition, Season I of LUG eSports has come to an end. 

A huge thank you to all the players that came out to show off their NHL20 skills in a battle to win the ultimate prize and bragging rights. 

Congratulations to the winners of each division:

XBox Pro: 

  1. Bardown Beauty (again, this guy is ranked #31 IN THE WORLD so no question here…)

  2. Quatch02 (he said some no-no words on his stream and people still love him. Says a lot about the guy)

  3. | Tin Tin | (you can just tell this guy is crushing Bud Late’s behind that controller)

XBox Open:

  1. L. Saucy x 17 L (weird name but apparently filthy at chel)

  2. Himmelboyz (close second guy)

  3. Verrilli13 (capable of securing the bag)

XBox Houseleague:

  1. Beast2715 (houseleague hero)

  2. Xl Frags (senior sweaty)

PS4 Pro: 

  1. Extra_Sauce63 (the sauce is in his name)

  2. Joffman76 (the voice of reason)

  3. Kapanen-|24| (arguably the most controversial player in LUG history) 

PS4 Open:

  1. Pullara-91 (CEO of "thanks!" AKA good guy)

  2. MMuto98 (PS4 chat hero)

  3. Mommatatt (chel pro)

PS4 Houseleague:

  1. Esteves2198 (big Tampa guy)

  2. Snipers444 (CEO of "you ready?") 

A few honorary mentions: 

Mcgibbles69 - biggest goon in the DMs

classic lowell - most late games due to golf commitments 

BraWithAD - biggest anti-Tampa presence 

Landamov - fan favourite

mac24_duster - loves his mom 

DillWonovan - front-line worker

With that, Season I of LUG eSports is complete. We are extremely excited to bring our LUG community another Season of eSports soon with even more games and opportunities to score the big prizes!