LUG COVID Plan Update

With COVID cases dropping across Canada, we are optimistic that arena's will be reopening and games will be returning soon.

Below is our current status for each league/province as well as the plans for the league. 

Provincial Updates

  • ONTARIO - Announcement expected next week on plans before Feb 10th lockdown ends.
  • NOVASCOTIA - Reopened! Games are back on! 
  • FREDERICTON - Orange Zone, games pending. 
  • ALBERTA - Moved into Phase 1 reopening. On track to reopen arena's end of Feb.
  • BRITISH COLUMBIA - Moved into Phase 1 reopening. Games pending. 
  • QUEBEC - Moving into a slow reopen. We're monitoring what might be possible here! 

LUG Extra-Curriculars For You

In addition to the league, as always, keep your eye out for emails from us for more information on all of the extra-curriculars we offer for each of you. Many of them are FREE items, This currently includes:

  • NHL21 & COD eSports. CLICK HERE to sign up FREE.
  • LUG Speed Suit coming for each player registered. 
  • FREE Harvey's burger for each player registered (unique codes coming soon).
  • $10 Gift Card to the LUG online shop (opening soon). 

LUG COVID Pause Plan

LUG is current in Phase 1 in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, and Fredericton. Full plan details below.

  • Phase 1: Pause the season - LUG will remain paused until it is no longer possible to schedule teams remaining game season if arena's close 
  • Phase 2: Reschedule games. - LUG will reschedule games including booking on non advertised game days/times. This includes increasing the # of gamers per week
  • Phase 3: Extend the season. - LUG will extend the schedule in order to complete season. Our hard cut off date is April 30, 2020. Teams should anticipate a possibility of playing games late April.
  • Phase 4: Refunds & Credits. - Provide players with credits and pro-rated refunds towards the balance of their season.

We will continue to monitor this situation closely and keep all of you updated on any changes. 

Trust us, we're extremely eager to get you back on the ice. We want to complete the season and deliver 100% of what we promised and that is our goal. If we're unable to do that before April 30th we will absolutely move to Phase 4. 

See you on the ice soon. 

LUG Management