Introducing LUG's Weekender Muskoka Hockey League

Heading up North for weekends this summer? Living up North (thank you remote work) for the summer? We have a MAJOR announcement for you...

Introducing LUG's new Muskoka Hockey League (LMHL). Located in the heart of Muskoka, a mere 10 minutes from Parry Sound, Rosseau, Mac Tier, and only 40 minutes to Gravenhurst...the new LMHL will be the perfect way to close off your weekend cottage trip before heading south back to the city.

The LUG Muskoka Hockey League is the opportunity to play puck and visit the cotty all summer long. Why choose between a good skate and cottage rips when you can have both? Spaces are limited. First come, first serve.


  • Sunday late afternoons
  • Humphrey Arena (Seguin Township)
  • July & AugustĀ 
  • Includes 6 games (min), LUG Pro Jerseys, SPEEDSHADES, hats and good times
  • Teams of 14

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