Introducing LUG e-sports

Calling all couch heroes and heroines. 

Times are weird these days. I think we speak for everyone by saying that we never expected our governments to tell us not to go to work or school and that we should stay at home instead. Who knew staying indoors all day and playing video games would make a positive difference to our society? Well although we can’t go to the rinks anymore, we wanted to bring the competitive spirit that LUG is known for, right into your own home. So you can all be snuggled up in your sweatpants or no pants at all… we don’t judge. 

We are excited to introduce LUG’s first ever e-sports league as our way of bringing sports and competition to our athletes in the most social-distancing way possible. 

Here’s how it’s gonna go down…


Registration for the LUG e-sports league will begin on April 20, 2020 at 4:20pm. Please register responsibly and make sure you’ve got some munchies close by. A link for registration will be posted on social media and on this page on Sunday. 

Puck drop will commence on Sunday, May 3rd at 8pm EST


We’re known for hockey, so we decided to start with the game that seemed most natural, NHL20 by EA Sports. The league will consist of 4 divisions: PS4 Pro Division and Xbox Pro Division for our more competitive players looking to score a bigger prize, and PS4 Open Division and Xbox Open Division for our more casual players. 

The top 3 players from each division will come out with some pretty hefty cash prizes and the highest of bragging rights. Although we couldn’t give out a real WAG Cup this year, we’ll make it up to all of you by handing out 4 virtual WAG Cups. Here are some more details about each division: 

SystemDivisionPlayersCost1st Prize 2nd Prize3rd Prize
Xbox OnePro48$60$1,000$360$120
Xbox OneOpen100$40$500$180$80

As this is our first run of the league, spaces will be extremely limited this time around. 

The LUG e-sports league is open to everybody! Whether you are a 14 year old beauty looking to make a name for yourself in LUG early, a 60 year old seasoned vet trying to show up the “damn kids these days”, or anything in between, this is your chance to be a PLUG and join. 

What’s Included:

  • Each division’s season will consist of 18 regular season games (3 weeks) and a minimum of 4 playoff games. 
  • There will be 3 games a night with a total of 6 games per week. 
  • Game times are scheduled to be on Sundays (3 games) and Tuesdays (3 games) at 8pm EST. 
  • The schedule will look just like it does for regular LUG hockey games on our website. 
  • We plan on live streaming some of our featured games on Twitch so all your fans can watch you go off. 
  • Everyone who registers will receive a LUG Loot Bag in the mail consisting of: 
    • A LUG shotgun tool for those social distanced personal drinks at home 
    • LUG camera covers so you can get out of those Zoom calls with the “sorry mr. manager my camera doesn't seem to be working” trick

    • LUG decals for your systems 

All registrants must have the following in order to compete:

  • A PlayStation 4 or Xbox One system
  • An online membership subscription (PS+ or Xbox Live)

  • A copy of NHL20

Optional resources that may be useful:

  • A microphone (chirping is an important element for winning) and camera (for your features on LUG twitch account)
  • Internet that doesn’t suck
  • Enough patience to listen to James Cybulski

For any other questions, feel free to DM us on Instagram or shoot us an email to 

Registration link will appear here at 4:20 on April 20 2020.