iiCiNG x LUG: Flavour for the Summer

Time to add some flavour to your summer with iicing!

Picture this: you’re on the beach and all you and your squad could grab on the way out was some vodka and a bottle of water. You want to enjoy the sun with some adult bevvies with your gang but what is this?? High school?? No, you’re old enough to actually enjoy your liquor (while simultaneously generating a nice Summer buzz at the beach). In comes iiCiNG - time to add some flavour to your boring vodka water. Boom. You’ve saved the beach day. You’re the hero. Everyone’s clapping. Obama was there. 

We are happy to announce our partnership with iiCiNG Flavour Shot - the first flavour enhancer for your beer or alcoholic drink. 

New for the 2022 LUG Summer Seasons, we’ll be working with our friends at iiCiNG to give our PLUGs the freedom of choice when it comes to flavouring your beverage. 

Looking for something low-cal? Add iiCiNG to anything and enjoy 7 great natural-tasting flavours with ZERO CALORIES to enhance your alcoholic beverage of choice. Designed in a multi-serve squeeze bottle that you squirt into your beverage to change the flavour, bring it on the go, or put it in your bottle during your LUG games to elevate your waters!

We’re excited to kick things off with iiCiNG this Summer, with plenty of opportunities for PLUGs to sample products and giveaways to get your Summer going. iiCiNG will be sampling products for our Summer Hockey and Softball divisions in Kitchener/Waterloo, North Bay, Ottawa, Sudbury and Toronto. Don’t see your city there? Let us know and we’ll work to get a LUG x iiCiNG sampling event going! 

We can’t wait to share the opportunities with you PLUGs as we work with iiCiNG this Summer! Keep an eye out for different ways to try out iiCiNG products!

About iiCiNG

“We want to give our consumers the best beverage experience that is unique to each person. 

As every person has their own personality, so is their choices they make. And one of those choices is enjoying a beverage how you want. iiCiNG allows U 2BU, and make your drink how U want it. 

iiCiNG Flavour Shots is a flavouring system that you simply squirt into your favorite beverage. Designed to be added to your vodka soda, rum, gin, tequila, beer, white wine etc. to give it a boost of flavour. Made with all natural flavours, zero calories and sugar, iiCiNG not only tastes exactly like the flavour but look and smell like it as well. 

Now available across Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic provinces through Loblaw's and related banners, select Metro stores in Ontario and others. 

Give it a try and work the squirt, as it’s time to get iiCed!”


iiCiNG Website

About LUG

LUG was founded on the simple idea …..  college and university recreational sports should be better. With over 10 000 participants across Canada and the US, LUG’s focus is on offering competitive games, inclusive activities and buzz worthy experiences. Designed to offer the best student lifestyle, not only on the ice or field, but in their local community. Keeping in mind the ultimate reason why they are there, their education. LUG offers their students the ability to keep their competitive nature going all the while refining their individual future careers.