Everything you need to know about the LUG Softball Season

Frosh Week is rounding the bases into it's final few days which means that LUG Softball is about to start! Here are some key pieces of information to get you ready for Softball in Kingston & London. 

Start DateS

  • Kingston - Games begin the week of September 9th
  • London - Games begin the week of September 16th 


  • Kingston  - Payments are due September 15th
  • London - Payments are due September 22nd
  • IMPORTANT: A team is considered to be paid in full if they have 12 players registered. Any team without 12 players registered will owe the balance. Total Team Fees are listed on EVERY registration. 

Any team with an outstanding balance after the payment deadline is removed from the schedule.


Jerseys are only given to teams who have paid in full. Once your team has paid in full, your team captain can select your team jerseys. LUG provides 12 uniforms per team. There are no extra sizes, please share with teammates to ensure each person has a uniform that fits them best. 

Teams are expected to wear their LUG Softball uniform at all games. 


During the course of the season, it is possible that games may be cancelled due to Rains/Weather, Light Outs, or team defaults. In the event we have to cancel games, we will move all games to our designated Rain Out Days. If your team has multiple games cancelled, you may play more than 1 game on the Rain Out Day. 


  • Full rules can be found here. Captains are expected to have read the rules of the game prior to game 1.
  • LUG provides an umpire at each game.
  • In the event of a disagreement or discrepancy in the rules, remember to be good sports.  


Teams should keep a record of the scores of all their games and must provide these to our commissioners to input into standings. 


LUG provides the following equipment:

  • Bases, balls, bats, pitchers mask, catchers equipment, helmets, uniform.

Players are responsible for the following equipment

  • Gloves, any extra balls/bats and their own shoes or cleats. 


The Brass is the official home base for LUG Softball in Kingston. Players get the following deals by showing their PLUG cards.

  • Purchase a team pitcher and get a FREE sampler platter (1 platter for every 5 players).
  • Sign your receipt and give to your server to have 10% of your bill donated to the LUG end of season party.
  • 10% of total spend by LUG players will be donated to the end of season party.
  • End of Season Banquet - October 26th "Jersey Night"