Drafted to the NHL Saturday, Plays in LUG Sunday

Chicago, IL

While Reilly isn’t the first player to be drafted to the NHL and suit up in a LUG game, he is the first to be drafted and play in the same weekend. 

Selected with the last overall pick in the 2018 NHL Draft to the Pittsburgh Penguins was Will Reilly, also a current player in the LUG.

Listed at six-foot-one and 197 pounds, Reilly is coming off his first season in the LUG. Known as a locker room leader, Reilly is third on the Central Ontario Crunch (COC's) in points behind undrafted Daniel Tyrrell and Zach Warus.  In 3 games with the COCs, he has two goals, and 6 points.

LUG reached out to Reilly for an interview following his selection. "I was kind of surprised," Reilly told the LUG. "Tyrrell is league leader in points so I was understandably shocked when he got passed over in favour of me. And honestly, I didn't expect them to be scouting during LUG games." 

Immediately after being drafted Saturday Night, Reilly was back at it on LUG Sunday's. Predictably, swarms of PLUG Bunny's were at UCC to congratulate Reils. 

“I don’t really care [about going last], to be honest with you,”Reilly told LUG. “Someone’s got to go last. I’m just really happy to be drafted.”

It just goes to show that playing in the LUG can actually in some cases make the dream a reality....who knew.

Congratulations to Will and best of luck on cracking the roster during Penguins Camp in September. The entire LUG Family will be pulling for you.

*LUG cannot verify the authenticity of these quotes