Building the playoff picture - Summer '16

Building the playoff picture 

Heading into the final regular season game, there's lots left to be determined...

The final week of the regular season holds a lot of meaning for the playoff bracket. Here's what we're fighting for:

Team Red - Having secured a spot in the 1st vs 2nd place grudge match, can Red hold on to the top spot or will all that bye-week, off-ice training catch up with their cardio?

Marleafs - A 3-game losing streak and a 1-1 head to head record against Bringers of Rain means that a Marleafs loss and a Bringers win in Week 10 will send 2nd place overall to a tie-break (tie break details below).

Bringers of Rain - Can the Bringers put pressure on the Marleafs and challenge for a 1st round bye in the playoffs? They'll need to make up the difference in GF/GA but in LUG Summer...anything is possible!

John Cena - A JC W combined with a Bringers loss will catapult the WWE boys into top seed in the first round. Or, they could get strategic. With the Slav's and DILF's playing ahead of them in the night, the JC's could evaluate their preferred first round matchup and go for a W or L to determine their own game 1 opponent.

DILFshakes - Fresh off snapping a 6 game losing streak, the DILFs are out to prove they are the real deal on and off the ice. Catch the boys together in our latest instagram team feature. A DILF loss and Slav's win drops DILF's to last place overall.

Miroslav Satan's - Easily the most improved team over the last 5 weeks, the Slav's can move out of the basement for the first time this season with a W and a little bit of luck. 


Art Ross - Can Charlie "Mean Mug" Benger hold on and take the trophy? He currently holds a 6 point lead over the Tyler "Fly Under the Radar" Salter. Shane Ferg's decision to lace up in nets for the Marleafs has us wondering...what could have been?

Granite Brewery Wing Man - Who will take home the GB Gift card for most assists? Benger, Ferg, Barrett, and Yaphe with 12, 11, 10, and 9 apples respectively.

Playoff Format (all time's on the website)

Week 11 

  • 1st vs 2nd (Rivalry Game. Does not count towards playoff picture). 
  • Quarter 1: 3rd vs 6th
  • Quarter 2: 4th vs 5th 

Week 12

  • Semi 1: 1st vs Winner of Quarter 1 
  • Semi 2: 2nd vs Winner of Quarter 2
  • Loser of Quarter 1 vs. lose of Quarter 2 in  Game 1 of Cellar Dwellar Series 

Week 13 

  • Winner Semi 1 vs Winner of Semi 2 (Finals)
  • Lose of Semi 1 vs Loser of Semi 2 (Consolation)
  • Cellar Dwellar Series Game 2*

If each team wins a game in Cellar Dwellar, 2nd game goes to 3 player shootout until a winner is determined. 

Regular Season Seeding Tie Break Procedures 

  1. Points
  2. Head-to-head
  3. Wins
  4. GF-GA differential 
  5. Most goals scored in season 
  6. Coin flip 


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