Bench Boss: Episode 2

For part two of Bench Boss, LUG connected with the King Division's Peter North Stars. Coach Carlton has guided the PNS to a league worst 1-12 record. Despite a poor showing on the ice, the team is quite optimistic about their chances of making it to the WAG. No they most likely won't be playing in the tournament, the boys are 90% confident they'll be in London at the finals watching from the pine and scouting the dance floor at London Taphouse later that night for some of Saugeen's finest.  

Asked how his team would describe his coaching style, Coach Carlton bluntly put it - he's 'Absolutely F*cking Useless'. Nevertheless, we're rooting for ya kid. Go Stars. 

The Basics 

Name: Jack Carlton

Instagram: @Jaackcarlton

Team: Peter Northstars

# of years as LUG Coach: 1

Favourite Coach: Trev Reeson

Describe your style/apparel behind the bench: Athleisure. Team wear is coming up in no time.

Pre game meal: Broccoli

Favorite motivational quote:

“We just gotta start hittin’ our threes” - Jackie Moon

Coaching Style 

What motivates you to motivate the boys?

Well I mean with all the hype surrounding the North Stars coming into the year, pretty safe to say we came out flat. 0-6 record (1-1 in tilts tho), we knew we absolutely had to be better. There’s a certain legacy to follow when you take a name after a man who is known for going hard and finishing at all times, so the boys and I were motivated to follow suit in the new year. Coaches come and coaches go. Kinda like James Ranson. No idea where that guy is half the time. Lots of fans in the stands typically though representing the dirty Waterloo area. We do it for them.

Which player on your team needs the most coaching? Why?

I’d have to say George Novachis, basically the guy is too good for his own good. The guy is trying to go D1 full ride, has no idea that there are no scouts anywhere within 30k of the arena. We just try and settle him down a bit so he’s not trying to make the SportsCentre Top 10 every time he touches the pill. Not an easy task.

Your team would describe your coaching style as (in 3 words):

Absolutely f*cking useless. I may as well get out there on the ice and take my Learn To Play skills with me.

You’ve just called time out, your team is down by a goal and needs motivation, how do you light a fire and get the team going?

“Bergman and Webster, get out there”

How do Peter North Stars improve team chemistry through off ice/dry-land training?

Not at all. We’re 1-12. Could you imagine if we did though? Maybe we wouldn’t have such a godawful record. Like maybe 2-5 or something. Only guy who doesn’t need the training is Mitchell Sargeant. Guy has lungs of steel. Also Matthew Georgiadis took a shot where no man wants to take one, and got out there next shift. Now that’s some conditioning.

Odds of your team making the WAG Cup?

I’m not sure about odds, but I know it will definitely take some magic. The kinda magic that occurs when Platnick- Cashell - Bayer get out there on a line together. You get guys like Bayer out there with his girlfriend watching every game and the kid is fired up. Probably about 1/12 odds - the same as our trash record.