Announcing LUG Esports Season IV

LUG Esports is Back with Season IV

January has been tough for a bunch of us. For some... no indoor sports, classes are online, bars are closed... For many, video games and good ol' online banter is what's pushing us forward. 

We're spicing things up by bringing back LUG Esports with an all-new Season IV lineup. PLUGs will be able to participate in the tournament to win some cash and (just as importantly) ultimate bragging rights. 

REGISTRATION FOR PLUGS in 2022 HOCKEY IS FREE. Check your email for your discount code!

Season IV details

LUG Esports Season IV will be presenting two games: COD Warzone and NHL 22. It's time to wipe that Cheeto dust off your controllers, because it's time to buzz. 

Any team with at least ONE LUG Member (someone who is currently registered in the LUG Hockey 2021/22 season, or played in the LUG Softball 2021 season) can enter for FREE. Teams without any current LUG Members can participate with a $30 registration fee. Check your email for the discount code!


  • Call of Duty: Warzone Kill Race Tournament: February 1st at 7PM EST.
  • NHL 22 4v4 EASHL Tournament: January 30th at 5PM EST and January 31st at 5PM EST. 

Call of Duty: Warzone Kill Race

The Call of Duty: Warzone Kill Race tournament will be a one-night event, where players will hop into a private lobby hosted by LUG to rack up as many points as possible to win it all. Three games will be played, and scores will be tallied on a best-of-two game account. Two chances on the proving grounds. 

  • This tournament will be an open division, including all platforms capable of playing Warzone. 
  • Get your quad-squad ready. Where we droppin?
  • Official rule book for the COD: Warzone Kill Race tournament will be released soon.

NHL 22 4v4 EASHL 

The NHL 22 4v4 EASHL tournament will be a two-day event. Day 1 will feature a round robin event to determine seeding for playoffs, which will be played on Day 2. Scores from Day 1 will determine seeding, and will be followed by a single-elimination playoff bracket on Day 2. Games will be played 4v4 (3 skaters and 1 goalie) so we'll be able to see which teams have the best chem by the finals. 

This tournament will feature three divisions: 

  • PlayStation 5 Division
  • PlayStation 4 Division
  • XBOX ONE Division
  • Time to show off your virtual puck skills. 
  • Official rule book for the NHL 22 EASHL tournament will be released soon.