Announcing LUG ESPORTS Season III


After popular demand from our PLUG gaming community, we are excited to announce that LUG eSports is coming back. Lockdown or not, we want to provide the opportunity for our community to compete and play games together.

We have many plans for the future of LUG eSports, adding new games and different ways to play. So whether you're a competitive sweat sippin' on GFUEL or a casual player looking to enjoy some extra competition in the world of gaming, LUG eSports will be your number 1 stop for all your gaming needs. 

Registration opens January 14th @ 5pm EST!



Season III will start us off with Call of Duty: Warzone & EA Sports NHL21 (it's in the game).

Call of Duty: Warzone

First drop will be February 11th!

We're finally bringing in Warzone as one of our opening titles for LUG eSports Season III. This season's Warzone gameplay will feature a Quads kill-race tournament style. With both a Pro and Open division, players from all skill levels can log into the fun. Get your Quads squads ready!

  • Call of Duty: Warzone (Pro) Kill-Race
    • Recommended for players including and above a K/D ratio of 1.5
  • Call of Duty: Warzone (Open) Kill-Race
    • Exclusive to players including and below a K/D ratio of 1.5


1February 11th8 PM EST

How it will work:

  • Each tournament will take place on one day every week (new buy-in, new prizes every week)
  • Team Captain signs up their team every time they want to compete, teammates will register to that team (max 4 players per team)
  • Custom lobbies will be made for each game
  • Each team plays 4 games at scheduled tournament time, your final score will be a combination of the team's best 3 games (scores reported by team captains)
  • 1st place gets up to 50% payout of pot
  • 2nd place gets 10% payout of pot + free entry to next tournament
  • 3rd place gets LUG swag

Scoring system:

  • 1 point/kill (Gulag kills count)
  • 5 points/win
  • 3 points/second place
  • 2 points/third place

EA Sports NHL21

The puck drops for Season III on February 8th!

Obviously, we're running chel once again. Except we'll be going with the newest NHL title so our players can take advantage of the new moves and features brought to our consoles with NHL21. The LUG eSports NHL21 league will run similar to our previous season, except for Season III we'll be starting it out with EASHL 4v4 (human controlled goalie). Now, you can put your teams to the test against some of the best NHL players in the world (yes, that's you guys!). 

  • NHL21 4v4 League - XBOX
  • NHL21 4v4 League - PLAYSTATION


  • Puck Drops February 8th
  • Monday Nights. 7-9 PM suggested game times.
  • Game times & days are suggested .Teams can also communicate with opponents to reschedule based on their calendars.

How it will work:

  • Each league will run a "regular season" and "playoffs"

  • Minimum of 9 games played (regular season) + playoffs 
  • Each league will run 4 weeks (including playoffs)
  • Team Captain signs up their team, teammates will register to that team (max 4 players per team)
  • Schedules will be released, telling you who you play and when you play them
  • 1st place gets up to 50% payout of the pot
  • 2nd place gets 10% payout of the pot + free entry into the next league
  • 3rd place gets LUG swag

Important note for LUG Hockey participants!

Participants in the 2020-21 LUG Hockey season are eligible for FREE ENTRY into 1 x LUG eSports program (EASHL or COD) for a single tournament/league. To claim this free offer, you will need to sign up, and indicate in your registration (using the "Are you a 2020-21 LUG Hockey participant?" question) that you are a current LUG Hockey player. We will refund your registration in full after the season start.

LUG esports x Red Bull Canada

NEW for LUG eSports! Red Bull Canada will be helping us out by providing lots of awesome prizes including the sweet, sweet nectar of their energy drink. Red Bull wants to make sure YOU will be buzzing all evening, whether you're making trips out of the Gulag or ripping cross-crease goals in Chel. 

Winners from each tournament/league in every division will win Red Bull product in addition to their cash prizes! 

We'll also be launching contests throughout our eSports events, so keep an eye out!