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UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN - PLAYER - 2022/2023 - Fall/Winter Hockey - (Men's / Women's)

  • Opens: August 4, 2022 at 2:00pm EDT



Team spots are extremely limited and are available on a first come, first serve basis. 

  • LUG Fall/Winter Hockey League 2022/2023 in Ann Arbor 
  • University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Must be 17+ 
  • Women can play in ANY league 
  • LUG leagues are open to ALL gender identities 
  • Yost Arena
  • Sunday Evenings with scattered Mondays/Wednesdays
  • Additional arenas may be added if team capacity exceeds available ice at Yost
  • 28 games (including playoffs). Teams who win in the playoffs move on and play more games.
  • Teams typically play 1.5 game per week but may play more based on designated league dates and times.
  • Season will start in mid September
  • No games on statutory holidays or dates you wouldn't normally want to play, such as Finals, Reading Weeks, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Super Bowl, St. Pats, Spring Break, etc. See complete list. We play when YOU want to play. 
  • Jerseys are provided to teams using the registration that says "INCLUDING JERSEYS". Each player must use the jersey registration in order to receive a jersey. 
  • Teams who do not use a INCLUDING JERSEY registration MUST provide their own team set of jerseys before game 1 in order to play.
  • You can use your own set but our recommendation is to use the ones we provide as they are cheaper, better quality, and ready for you now. LUG jerseys require no coordination on your end with other sports stores and zero production time. Just saying....

  • All teams are expected to have a minimum of 15 registered players (14 F/D + 1G).
  • Additional players must also be registered to play.
  • Max 20 players per team
  • The 2022/2023 Hockey Season
  • 1 x Welcome Pack with SPEEDSHADES or SATURDAYSHADES
  • 1 x LUG Mid-Season BIG TICKET Item (to be revealed soon...)
  • 1 x entry into LUG eSports Season V
  • 1 x $10 Gift Card to the LUG Tuck Shop 
  • 1 x LUG Members Benefit Card (Requires iOS/Android Wallet)
  • 10 x social media clout features (not actually)

  • Photographers + Videographers - Featuring Game Day Photos, Videos & your Game Day Fits (think the walk-in photos of NHLers)
  • Access to local partners, events and other LUG associated experiences
  • Contests & Giveaways from our Sponsors like Red Bull, Sneaky Weasel, SoCIAL LITE and BET99. 
  • Teams compete locally to win their campus division. Winning teams are invited to compete in THE WAG CUP CHAMPIONSHIP ...a Memorial Cup style tournament against their regional rivals to crown the overall LUG Champion.
  • Teams from the USA and Canada may need to travel for this event, including going over the border, across state, provincial, and national lines. 
  • We recommend that at least 60% of your team fall into the same skill level in order to maintain the competitiveness of each division. Not all cities will house all of these skill divisions and in many cases, skill divisions will be bulked together for smaller leagues. 
    • ELITE DIVISION: NCAA | U Sports | Semi-Pro | Jr. (A/B/C) 
    • A DIVISION: Jr (A/B/C) | AAA
    • B DIVISION: AA | A | Select
    • C DIVISION: House League | Pond Hockey Legends
    • D DIVISION: Beginners
    • W DIVISION: Women's only. Tiers are created during season. Women are eligible for play in ANY division.
    • The Done School Division DIVISION: Our Done School Division is targeted to A/B level players, etc. who are finished college, university of that age group in general and are looking to continue Keeping the Dream Alive, even while they're a corporate stiff.
  • Teams will select their skill level during registration and be added into skill based divisions before the start of the season
  • Women can join in any LUG Division (E/A/B/C/D/W) 
  • Women's divisions are only open to those that identify as female
  • We will also help women find spots on teams for their preferred skill level
  • Elimination Tournament Style Bracket
    • 17-15-15 run time periods
    • Last 2 minutes of 3rd is stop if within 2 goals.  
    • Shootout if tied

    • ~14 games per semester
    • Mid Season Michigan Holiday Classic Tournament (to crown mid-season champion)
  • Signing up is a commitment. Any team that misses 2 games or more without prior notice and a valid reason will be removed from the league. Please be courteous and inform us of any cancellations at least 24 hours in advance so we can find a replacement team and/or inform staff & refs to not attend those hours. 
  • All teams are responsible for paying the full team fee (team fee = player fee x 15 depending on province/state). Any team with less than 15 players will owe a balance above their individual player registration fee.
  • Additional players must register for your team. Any player over 15 are not guaranteed jerseys.
  • Any player enrolled in a 2nd semester exchange program will be given 40% off the registration price. 
  • Proof of enrolment for the Winter 2023 semester is required in order to receive this refund.
  • To receive this refund, you must pay in full during registration and provide your proof of enrolment in a 2023 an overseas exchange program. After being verified, a refund will be credited back to your card.
  • LUG has a zero tolerance policy for violations of our code of conduct. Players and/or teams may be removed from the league for actions detrimental to the league including abusive or racism language, damaging the facility, theft, alcohol or drugs, among others. 
  • By registering this team or playing in this league, you agree that you and your players will not use any words, actions that would be seen or interpreted as racist, anti-semitic or hateful towards anyone of a minority, LQBTQ2+, BIPOC or Indigenous communities. 
  • Team Names: Please consider writing respectful and non vulgar team names. This is something that is public and your personal name is directly connected to your team name. Any future employer, school or anyone else can find this team just by Googling your name. Think about it. 
  • All captains receive a Thank You Gift from LUG including items like a Keep the Dream Alive Flag OR LUG 30 FOOT SPEED String Flags

If there is a closure mandate due to a pandemic health emergency, LUG will take the following steps:

  • Pause the season. LUG will remain paused until it is no longer possible to schedule teams remaining games. The hard cut off date for games to be played is April 30th, 2023.
  • Reschedule games. LUG will reschedule games including booking on non advertised game days/times. This may result in multiple games played each week.
  • Refunds & Credits. Provide players with pro-rated refunds towards the balance of their season. Please read below for how refunds are calculated. THIS IS THE COVID REFUND POLICY. See here for our General Refund Policy 
    • 0 games played: 100% refund;
    • 1-3 games played: 75% refund minus discounts used during registration (if applicable);
    • 4-9 games played: Registration fee minus discounts used during registration (if applicable) minus $150 (jersey, merchandise, insurance, admin fee, transaction fees) minus $30 x # team games played 
    • 10+ games played: No refunds. A season is considered complete after 80% + of a season schedule has been finished. 
    • A discount code for next season will be provided for any cancelled season that starts and is not completed.
    • All products purchased during registration are non refundable
  • LUG will provide 100% refund for any league that does not start due to COVID-19. Our full refund policy can be found here.
  • Setting up schedules and matchups takes time to organize. 
  • Therefore, any team that registers too close to the start of the season will be added to the week 2 schedule. Please register as soon as possible to ensure your team is scheduled for games on opening nights.


  • Taxes: 0% TAX will be applied to your registration.
  • Online Payment Fee: Online registrations are subject to an online payment fee.
$625.00 USD due at registration