Queen's New Brand Manager

LUG Hockey has a long and illustrious history at Queen's University, but even a storied franchise experiences its fair share of firsts. This year we're introducing a 1st and definitely not the last for the K-Town market.

Meet Olivia Verdonk, our Aberdeen Brand Manager. Olivia just signed an entry level deal with a 2-year player option. She'll be helping the league engage with girls on campus through promotions and product give-aways. Anyone interested in some free merchandise and a shoutout on the LUG Instagram should fire Olivia a DM now! 

To help the boys get to know Olivia, we caught up with her after a trip to the ARC to see what's in store for the season.

Hockey may be a 4 line sport but if you ask Olivia, there's still 1 line left to be filled...


School Detail

InstagramUniversityProgram Year
@olivia_verdonkQueen's University Nursing2nd

Hockey Favorites

Favourite TeamFavourite PlayerFavourite LUG TeamFavourite LUG Player
Toronto Maple LeafsDrew DoughtyAlehouse AlecoholicsJesse Cirella

Best Line a Guy Used on you

N/A - spot is still open and looking to be filled

Worst Line a Guy Used on You

"I really hope you're a bag of garbage... because I'd like to take you out"

Post University Career Goal

Medical School or returning for a Masters/ Practitioners degree - and then opening my own practice.

What are you looking forward to most about the upcoming year? 

I'm looking forward to starting clinical in the hospital and all the fun things that happen at Queen's like Frosh week and Hoco.

What's your role with LUG?

I'm here to help engage the girl players and fans. LUG is a big community and we're trying to build up our roots with outreach to the girls on campus!

We hear you're on the hunt for campus influencers, what kind of person are you looking for?

Definitely looking for a few new female influencers who have a great social media following and some connections with other groups/teams/clubs around campus.

How can a PLUG get your attention?

By giving me an answer to the best line a guy has used on me, also sense of humour

Looking to join the team in a Brand Manager Role? DM us or email hello@lughockey.com